About the Book Hidden Scars

Hidden Scars Book by J'Naye Wise

Hidden Scars

Author: J’Naye Wise

Paperback: 9781646205349
PDF: 9781646205356
EPUB: 9781646205356
Kindle: 9781646205356

The book What Lies Behind Her Smile, is a variety of poems written on love, heartache, forgiveness, passion, family rivalry, abuse, and our society today. J’Naye started writing poetry throughout her childhood when she became a foster child in high school. “I was always the shy girl that was well dressed and had a beautiful smile, but I was afraid to make new friends so I held a lot of things in. Writing became an escape mechanism and a great coping skill through tough situations. I have written over 450 poems in the past seven years, but the ones published and shared with you in this book are ones that really stuck out to me the most and had the most emotion behind them. After having my son four years ago I slowed down in writing and focused on my career and motherhood. But I will never stop being a natural writer.”