About the Author J’Naye Wise

Author J'Naye Wise

J’Naye Wise was a shy girl who held a lot of things in. Writing became her escape mechanism and a great coping skill through tough situations. She has written over 450 poems for the past 7 years. After having her son, she slowed down in writing and focused on her career and motherhood. But she will never stop being a natural writer.

From the mind, heart and soul of J’Naye Wise comes a kaleidoscope of verses and lines that gives readers a quick glance of her past and present experiences and a glimpse of her visions and hopes. In “Hidden Scars”, she opens her doors so others can relate to her and identify with the emotions embodied in each poem.

She once hid her scars; now she is proud to show them to all because these became a testament of how she had withstood all the obstacles and had overcome the challenges — from childhood to womanhood to motherhood — and still end up standing, strong and whole.